Last Year Of College Semester 1

This upcoming semester is my second to last semester at college.  It is very scary.

Living at this apartment has been a very good experience so far.  The neighbors are loud and the walls are thin so that isn't great but after this semester I am going to try to find a townhouse with the two roommates I have found for next year. (Yes the cycle of roommate and house hunt will start...again...soon)  I am walking to places and as soon as I get a bike lock I can start to bike to class.  My cats are still doing totally awesome except for one deciding to spray but this stuff call Natures Miracle No More Mark Spray has been working really well, it cleans, gets rid of the smell and prevents my cat from going back to the spot.

My job at the camp was great because of that job I was able to survive on my own all summer.  It gave me huge hope that after graduation I do not have to move back home.  I think it is total crap to move back to your parents just to save up money to be on your own.  Find a job even if it isn't in your major and start building those survival skills. Sooner you start better you will get.  I am still substituting at the preschool which is great for extra money and I am going to be modeling for the Art League again which is exciting.  I really want to do some photo modeling again.  I miss it.


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