Room Mates!!!!!!

I actually have people who are 100% in on the moving into a place.  So excited.  My friend Rob is 100%  and my friend August is about 90% I'd say.  And we have many prospects on a 4th person.  This is gonna be an awesome time.  We can get a townhouse have my cats be their.  Yay!  Even though it will be different being the only girl in the household, I still think it will be fun.  But who knows, the 4th person could be a chick.

Yay for 2011

I have begun a couple new goals for myself to attempt to keep up for the next year.  

Read daily
Learn Chess
Do creative exercises
Lessen my TV watching
 just to name a few...

Anyhow.  This May is coming up pretty soon and it is kind of scary since I am not sure if I'm gonna be able to find roommates and therefore maybe not a place to live this May.  I sure hope it will happen and not have too many problems.  :-(       I would love it if people who knew some answers for these problems would comment on this blog!