And I'm Off!

I am in my new place and my kitties have moved in with me.  Soon I will be sure to post pictures of them being with me in the new apartment.  

My camp job has started and I am working with 3 year olds.  They are definitely learning with every step they take it is very interesting to watch.  

So far with my photographer assistant job I have designed a few things which is awesome and I can add them all to my portfolio.  

In my class I have also designed some logos and am working on designing a Business Package.  This summer is turning out to be very lucrative for my design portfolio.

New Goals

So this summer is pretty busy working two jobs, taking a summer course and paying bills for the first time in my life, but new goals have been put into place.

1.  Finish my training for a 5K
2.  Run a 5K
3.  Start my garden on the porch.

WAY Too long since last post...Sorry

So much has happened since I last posted.  I moved into my new place.  My cats are going to be moving in within the next two weeks.  Hopefully they handle the transition well enough.  

My job at Jerry's is also ending this Friday and I will be able to go back pretty much whenever I want which is nice to know.  After that my job at the camp will start at the end of the month.  I am taking one week off to get my cats settled in and also to get my car registration taken care of.

I also got to go to Starscape 2010 it was a lot of fun my favorite part was getting my back painted.

It is totally kickass.

Also my summer classes start tomorrow and hopefully I can utilize what I learn at my photography job.  Get that guy some branding tips.

All in all everything has been going really great.  I still can't wait for my cats to be up here with me.