Finally.  A and I have an apartment.  I was so scared.  Ok well we don't HAVE it but we have applied for it and it was taken off the available listings.  So we are pretty sure that we have it.  So we will be moving in around May. It is so exciting now all we need to worry about is furniture.

Also I have a job interview this Thursday to be a photographers assistant.  And this week I will be hearing back about a job as a camp counselor at the Jewish Community Center.  No I am not Jewish but a lot of my friends are and I have been around that culture for quite a few years now.  Also you don't have to be Jewish to work there.  Which is nice since I am one of the least religious people I know. :-p

This Wednesday I am going to a TV show premiere that will have a program that I designed.  And I can mingle and network.

This Weekend I will be a hair model in a hair runway show.  I am so excited I can't wait to see what they do to my hair.  Hopefully one of my photographer friends can come.

Wish me luck on all accounts please.


Alright so the beautiful townhouse that my roommates and I could have moved into is officially not where we will be living.  Why? you ask.  Well.  The girl that would have moved in with us after T (the other roommate that bailed) left has also decided not to live with us.  So A (the roommate that is with me) and I will be looking for a 2 bedroom apartment.  So all in all there have been 4 failed roommates in this grand scheme of moving off campus.  And now A and I will just be in a 2 bedroom and I have to hope and pray that I can bring my cats with me to an apartment.  

Wish us luck we are going to see an apartment tomorrow.  Hopefully it bares fruit.

Shit Happens

I haven't been called back about a job at Sweetwater Tavern but they could still call me one day about a job.  Jerry's Subs and Pizza called and I will start working this Wednesday.  If I make enough money I may keep the job but if now I will just work there until I leave school which is May 15th.  At the least I can make enough to pay my deposit for the townhouse.

Also one of my roommate's parents decided not to support her for school and housing so she isn't moving in with us.  Unfortunately that means that once again my other roommate and I have to find a third person.  We have a really good prospect and I hope she moves in with us.  She is a friend of mine from school and it should turn out well.  I also have to talk to the landlord today about it.  I hope she doesn't mind all this.  It wasn't anyones fault and I am sure she will understand.

More job hunting...

So I may have failed to get those two internships but I have applied to:
Sweetwater Tavern
Temp Jobs

And Sweetwater Tavern has already scheduled an interview with me.  If I got that job it would be beyond perfect because it is only 5 min. from my new place.

Oh yeah if you didnt read the last post I found a house BOOYA.

Also school will be ending soon and I am going to be taking a summer course.

Apple Interview today/found a house

Alright so I had my interview with Apple today and I think it went pretty well.  They said they will schedule another face to face interview and see how it goes.  

Also there is some really big news...are you ready...MY ROOMMATES AND I FOUND A TOWNHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!   It is owned by an ex boyfriend of mine's parents and they figure it would be better to have someone they know rent the place. So we get it and no pet deposits!  It is very exciting.  Can't wait to see the inside.

Anyway back to the jobs pizza guy still no call me back.  Ummm...found a really cool sounding personal assistant job and I have a month of modeling for the Arts League again.  That is always fun.  I still am waiting to hear back from one of the camp jobs and I really hope I get one that way I can work for the lady who needs an assistant and work at a camp and then NO PIZZA. Meaning less gas money.

Until next time you crazy kids...

April 1st update (not a joke)

So this month is starting off with a little less than a bang.  Ok a lot less than a bang but at least there are possibilities.
Job hunt updates:
-Apple called back to schedule an appointment for an interview and hopefully I can get a job there.  It would be fabulous.
-Pizza job is still available if I get one of the Camp jobs.
-So the internship with Wolf Trap said NO to me.  I can still look for a job.

School updates:
-Going to go for the BFA, which means a class during the summer and next summer but I will still walk in May.
-Job instead of internship would probably be better that way they will understand that I need to go to class.
-Good bye business minor...ewww

Housing updates:
-Still hunting and we are sticking with just the 3 of us and the pets.  Screw trying to find a 4th person it is too much hassle.
-Hopefully the Realtor will find us something nice.


Look at the awesome stuff that I am on.  I got to be on a cataloge cover for a photographer.  And it was handed out at a wedding convention Yay!

Photo of me on display.

me on the cover!!!