A lot has happened...

Earlier I had said I had a lump found.  Well I had the biopsy on Friday and it was kind of scary.  I was definitely nervous.  But it all went well and the results will be in Monday(tomorrow).  

The Interview I had at Target Portrait Studio also went very well and they will call me if I get the job.  They had other people to interview that day besides me.  Fingers crossed everybody.

Also I got a Graphic Design Gig.  I applied for a gig I heard about through my school and the lady actually liked my designs the best.  I am so excited about it :-)   

For this semester since I have been pretty bored I signed up for the 4Paws volunteer Cat rescue.  This should be a lot of fun helping poor kitties find new homes.  It will also be good expeirience for when I sign up for the Veterinary Assistant Program.  I am looking into Penn and Foster right now.  I am planning on doing this after I graduate or during my summer.

Lastly, My mother and I mailed my grandma some wildflower seed packets to help her prepare for spring.  She has been snowed in for about 3 weeks now and is going crazy.  Before this snow she was snowed in for 2 weeks.  I think she will be happy to never see snow fall again.  Hopefully the seeds will give her something to look forward to when Spring comes.  Also the townhouse search time is coming up.  I can't wait for it to get here so I can move out on my own with my friends.


For about two months I have been applying to jobs.  I have probably applied to more than 20 jobs in the last month alone.

So while I was walking to class today, around 10:30 in the morning, I received a phone call.  It was Target Portrait Studio!  The manager then scheduled a better time to call me and we agreed upon 1:30pm.  When 1:30 rolled around I didn't get a call.  I waited and waited and finally just decided to call her, maybe she forgot.  Turns out she did forget on account a client had walked in at that time.  But she was happy I called.  So we talked and she seemed pleased to find that I had experience working with children.  And we scheduled a job interview for tomorrow at 4:20pm.  WISH ME LUCK WORLD!   I really need this job.


This weekend started with some bad news but hopefully next weekend will help it become not so bad news.  Last friday I had a breast ultrasound and the doctor found a lump that is almost an inch (long or wide I dont know I was too shocked to ask).  So this upcoming Friday I will be having a biopsy done to see if the tumor/lump is cancerous or benign.  If it is benign than it is most likely fibroadenoma.  So that is what I am hoping for.  

I know my brother will probably read this and say I am being ever so slightly melodramatic posting something like this but it is my blog diary thing and I like to think of it as my digital memory keeper.  So there!


What to do what to do?   So far the job hunt has still yielded no fruit.  I finally got an email back from one of the places I applied to and they said they would keep my resume on file, which is good.  At least that was a graphic design place.  I would really like to be able to have a job to go to and earn money so I could save up for when I get a place this May/June.  

I am actually so desperate for a way to earn money I was considering making crafts and things to sell on etsy.com.  All I need is a plan and a product.  I was thinking of prints of my art or even my art on t-shirts.  I thought that would be cool.  Problem is I would need money to actually go after those endeavors which requires a job...this sucks.


As I said I was going to do in a previous blog.  I went to Katsucon.  It is an anime convention near DC.  It was a lot of fun.  The best part was getting to wear my costumes.
My main costume designed and created by me.

Me and my friend with the guy who helped write POWER RANGERS!

Me before the rave part of the convention

10-20 Inches...

Tomorrow, the weatherman predicts, we will be getting between 10-20 inches of MORE SNOW.  This needs to stop it is getting dangerous for everyones health.  Cabin fever makes people do stupid things.  School is also cancelled again.  I want to go back to my classes.  My poor late tuesday class has been cancelled twice now and it only meets once a week.

Today I was denied being a stock logo maker on iStockphoto.com. To the right you can see my 3 logo submissions. It is okay though in either 3 days or 3 weeks I don't remember I can re-submit and basically try again.  I also applied for another job and another internship.  Maybe one of these will bare fruit.  I really hope so.

Found more awesome houses that are in our price range but unfortunately need to be rented out before may/june.  I really hope we are lucky enough to find a great place like that when we are in full scale house search.


Look at this! the amount of snow we got today was ridiculous. It was actually up to our thighs.

Here I am so bundled up I resemble Kenny from South Park.

This is a snow we had last Tuesday. We thought that was a fun snow? It was only 5 inches. Right now we have going on 28 inches.

Me Playing in the 5 inch snow earlier this week. The bench I am standing on was actually so slippery that when my friend came over to help me down I slipped and accidently head-bumped her. It hurt pretty bad.

Me getting a picture with the pretty snow.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my snow day pictures. And I hope this 28 inches of snow goes away fast.

Feel much better

I feel so much better now. I think I was mostly downish because the dishes weren't done but I just went ahead and washed all the dishes and the kitchen. Hopefully my girls-night-in tonight will go well because that would be awesome and just make my snow-filled-boring day.

Snow and more Snow

This is the second time this week that it has snowed. This is the third time this college year it has snowed and for this weekend we are expecting up to 28 inches in snow. I hate snow and I am going to be stuck in my apartment for pretty much all weekend. Maybe I should have gone home. Oh well too late now. I think we are already up to half a foot and my car is really far away.

As for the job hunt no one has called or emailed me back...because of the snow?...I don't know. House hunting has been put on a little hold since it is more like torture seeing perfect places go by because it isn't the right time for us to get them. I even signed up on this Free Lance graphic design site called iFreeLance. It is really cool but I feel like I am a mino swimming in a pool of sharks eating all the gigs. Hopefully someone hires me for a gig at some point. It would be really nice. I told myself I would not use this site to rant on and look at me that is exactly what I am doing right now. Ugh...no one wants to hear this shit...maybe I should just hibernate for the weekend.

A New Month...

Job Hunt: I have applied to even more jobs. I have asked a t-shirt design company to consider hiring me as an intern. I applied to Plaza Art Supplies, and to be a Newborn Photographer at the hospital.

School: Homework has been going ok. I haven't gotten an A on anything yet :-( Hopefully that will change. I finally finished my Magazine Mash-up and I just had my critic of it. Wasn't quite as good as I thought it was. It can still use some work. I am trying my best to fix as much of it as possible. Hopefully my second try will be a lot better.

Other than that I haven't been home in a while, two months, and I am starting to miss my family and my pets.