Update on school, stress relief activity of the semester, house hunt, and job hunt

Well, this semester so far has been really good. Only 14 credits gives me more free time to job hunt and house hunt as well as get myself into shape and maybe a bit of my life together. Hopefully the extra time doesn't just make me more lazy.

Today I got some things to organize my very little living space on campus, which I hope works. Also have been finding a good number of people to help in the house hunt which will go into full throttle in May and June. The job hunt is already in full throttle but I have been less diligent about it. I know that is very bad. Job hunting is so nerve racking. I just need to suck it up and send out those resumes. So many people have given me hints at where to apply and I also need to follow up on the photography place that I applied to.

As for the stress relief activity for the semester I am going to Katsucon. I even made up my own character to go as. No dressing up as someone else's character for me! Mostly I picked to do this to save money. All in all it should be really fun.

Thats all for the update on all categories hope to type back soon!

Bad Start

The day started with me walking into my Writing for Artists class LATE. I was very upset. I can't start this habit again. Not to mention I was late because I twisted my ankle walking down the last step of the stairs and fell. I looked like an idiot.

Yesterday was much better though. My boyfriend brought me to a pet store and there were so many cute puppies there. Especially the little bulldog puppy that was a girl. She was so cute I just wanted to save her from that cage. If only I could but that would not be possible at this time in my life. I really hope that puppy gets a good home.

Horrendous Homework


To be frank I have all but ran out of money this month. This is caused by me thinking my wig buying was in budget. Turns out that one of the magazines I had to buy this month for my editorial design class was $25. That is CRAZY! I really hope my teacher does not make me buy magazines like this too often or I am not gonna be a happy camper in that class. The magazine itself is very nice I have to admit. It is one that was probably costly to print which explains the cost to buy. The Cover is a beautiful photograph. The inside pages are full of creative ideas and expensive, antique inspired clothes. I would say it is a magazine that is for women with money to spend and a creative mind to utilize. But that is my homework for tonight to look through the magazine and guess it's demographics. Then I have to go to the magazines website and see if I was right. Maybe ya'll should check out the magazine too it is www.selvedge.org.


Today I went to the mall with the intention of applying to one photo studio and then found out that they were not hiring because they were actually laying off people. But one of the ladies there was nice enough to point me in the direction of another studio that was hiring. I went in and was able to not only apply but talk to the manager for a bit. I have really high hopes at getting hired but of course I know that I have to be realistic and hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that I will get the job :-) Who knew my nanny experience would be seen as a benefit?



Started new semester today

I started my last semester as a Junior. Oy, the idea of being a Senior next year is crazy. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the carefree life of high school but I know that it is better to move forward. Soon I will even be turning 21 which is just weird. It seems like yesterday I was 7 and looking through the mixed drink menu at Carlos O'Kellys and saying that when I turn 21 I would have a Blue Parrot drink. I still plan on doing that. Not that I actually think it will be awesome but to please my childhood memory. I just finished all my new classes and I don't know how I feel. My business minor seems like it is going to be really hard and my major requires a Writing for Artists class which will force me to look at myself as an artist. I am kind of glad for it. I will be forced to look into myself and find what kind of artist I am. I know I am happy to start classes and I am happy to try and move off campus next year. I just feel lost somewhat.

Viewed an Apartment

Today I went and viewed an apartment. Well it was actually a townhouse run by an apartment complex. It was very nice. To me it seems more like a back up plan though than an actual place that it at the top of my list. Also the price ended up being a lot higher than I thought. The internet quotes deceived me a bit. But the search will go on and I will hopefully be able to find a great townhouse/house/apartment that is affordable for everyone and allows pets.

Back to School

Well I am back at my school. Still on the search for a job. Will probably be calling about job applications tomorrow. Hopefully there will be something.

Other than that today has been a long day of packing, moving, and blah.


I really made some headway today. A Realtor actually emailed me back! It was awesome. Apparently this guy has a place available that is a townhouse with 4 bedrooms in it and the lease for the people who currently live there is up in July. He is going to be emailing me in a couple of months on what the current tenants plans are after the lease. I personally hope they are seniors and they will want to move out. But lady luck has not always been on my side. I have also found a house that is for rent and right off my campus. It is a 4 bedroom with one bath. It is a very small place but I think it would do just fine. I inquired about it and am waiting for a response. I also looked at all the apartments around the area and made an appointment to see one. I read all the online reviews for it...not good. But I figured it would be good to look at a crappy one and see how they sell it. With that information I might be able to smell out the bad against the good.

Well wish me luck with the continued search for a place and a job.

Understanding my Generation

After naming my blog A GenY on Her Own I figured I should read up on the subject. My search started at Wikipedia but it was too basic of information. So I narrowed my search down by typing in 'generation y characteristics'. This lead me to the article at this link. It is all about the work priorities among other characteristics of GenY. I found it very interesting how much of that article applied to me.

Above I have also posted a cartoon for Generation Y. I just thought it was funny. Also I am planning on creating a header for my blog and I was planning on using this cartoon for inspiration.

So far the market for affordable and rent-able townhouses in the Burke, VA/Fairfax, VA areas are not very good. But I will keep my eyes open and hopefully I will be able to find a place not to mention a job by June.

The First Step

I am starting the second half to my junior year at college. Parents telling me I need to find a job in my field or an internship. I just applied to one internship that would be perfect for me and my fingers are crossed that I get it.

What I want from this blog is a place to write about my journey into adulthood. The goals that need to be accomplished before the adulthood status is met are as follows:

Job: A job that pays enough for me to be independent of my parents (unless crisis ensues)

Living Space: Either my own apartment or a place with roommates where I am free from being in my parents nest.

Cats: A place that will let me have my kitty babies live with me. So I am not depending on my parents to care for and house my cats.

All this will take time and I plan on writing about my search for a place to live, a job and my work to graduation.

I am in search of a place to live for me and 3 roommates in the Fairfax, VA area surrounding George Mason University. Anyone have helpful hints?