In Need of Topics

Now that I have landed myself a job, though I get peeved with it sometimes, I find that I am without much to talk about. I am living on my own with roommates, my cats inhabit my space instead of my parents and I graduated college. What else is there to write about when it comes to living on my own? What would people like to read about? Does anyone have suggestions?

I am becoming very good with budgets, to-do lists, handling bills, handling roommates, and handling having pets (of the feline variety) in a small space. I am just unsure as to what would be the most interesting for readers.

Updates Before the Fall of 2011 Starts

BUwahahahahha!  Today I am off to a Music Festival. This is my second one, my last one was in July and it was all the way in Up State New York called The Big Up. It was a very long trip but super fun with the camping in a random field on a random farm in the middle of no where. Luckily our camp neighbors were really nice since Aaron and I were the only ones who went it was nice to make some friends and meet people to hang out with. 

This Festival we are going to, I don't know the title of, is in Pennsylvania so it is a much shorter drive. I hope to finish taking pictures on my disposable camera, that I bought for the last festival, at this festival so I can finally develop them. I am kind of scared to see what will be on that camera.

As for my new job 

Here is a photo before my first official interview at that job.

 I had a casual interview at the office before but that was when they were not hiring. 

Well after the pictured interview took place I went to a second interview and was hired.  Later I got to start my job and now have been diligently working there for a month.

The job is at a marketing firm which I will not name incase anyone ever reads this. I don't want to get fired for posting my jobs name on my blog or something.

The job itself is fine and I am learning a lot. My co-workers are fun and really funny but they are perfect. No Comment on my boss.

Being Done with School

So I am done with school. I do hope to go back and get my MAT (Masters in Art Teaching) one day and then maybe a PhD to teach art on a college level. But for now I really just want to pay off my debt and then begin to save for my Master's.

  Apartment and Roommates

Roommates are cool I have 3 as I believe I have stated before. Of course as with any apartment with people my age the trash piles up and the dishes sit in the sink.  At least we have a dishwasher unlike the last place I lived in. All I can really ask for is that there is no drama and the cops don't get called on our apartment more than once. Which so far neither has happened so I think we are doing pretty good.  All my roommates are working on their Master's, one is on a break but has her's about half done.  The two guys I live with are working hard on theirs to just finish them asap.  But we all work hard to pay the rent and bills and we survive.  The only roommates I do have complaints about are my cats they are 3 rambunctious boys and can get very annoying. They are lucky I love them.