Go with the Flow

Life has been going really smoothly lately. I have really learned the power of a budget and the power of a salary. If you are living off day to day pay like a server or a retail worker I would definitely suggest you always save about 50% of what you make every day or week for your bills that are always there. Then remember to build an emergency fund...this is hard. I will absolutely admit that emergency funds take will power. It will help down the road though. 

As for salary pay if you are not making a lot for what you work a part-time gig or doing free-lance work (if you have a skill that lends itself to freelance work) can help a lot. Budgeting a salary is much easier to do too. Especially if you COOK FOR YOURSELF. 

Cooking for yourself can be hard to do because you are tired and you feel lazy. Trust me I lived off of take out or order in food for like a month. Wanna know what happened? I gained 15 pounds. Luckily I found CalorieCount.com and with just counting my calories I have lost 5 of those 15 pounds. I have also found that it is hard to cook for myself all the time. So usually I bring things in for breakfast and lunch and put them in the fridge at work. For breakfast I have been eating yogurt and a banana. Sometimes I have a small snack before lunch. Then for lunch I have a low cal microwave meal, lean pocket, light can of soup or I make myself a sandwich. IF the meal is a little too low cal I will bring a piece of fruit or even a pudding snack. 

Dinner lately has been the best. I decide what I am going to attempt making and go buy the ingredients. Lately I have found that arugula is a delicious low cal high vitamin ingredient and it is yummy too. Also goat cheese can be cooked into so many things. Stuffed mushrooms, cream sauce, or even baked and put on top of a pasta dish. So many endless possibilities to try.  

Going with the flow of life feels good right now. I have been in a good place and am just trying to stay there and get healthier while doing it.