Big Day

One of the first steps to the rest of my life is today. An interview at a Marketing Company that is in the market of Beauty, Spa and Health.  I am nervous simply because this interview is a much bigger deal than the one I had previously with this company. Hopefully what I know can help me get this job so I can continue to learn about the advertising and Marketing field.

The way I see it as long as I get a job that I can use what I have learned in college and what I have learned in high school and in life then life will be good. Especially if that job gives me the opportunity to learn even more. No matter what job I get I plan on being the best I can be and working to make myself better.  Doesn't matter if I am serving, designing, or retailing I will always work hard to do my best.  

I never want to end up back home living with my parents. If that happens I must have hit rock bottom because I am willing to work multiple jobs to ensure that never happens to me. 

People of the GenY need to have the motivation to do whatever it takes to land a job to sustain so you can land the job that will lead you to your dream. And who knows that job you use to sustain yourself could need someone with your talents for their business.  I know my current job at a restaurant has a lot of use for a graphic designer and it is nice because it keeps my portfolio growing. Not to mention I never stop networking to try and find more free-lance clientele.

So GenY lets get out into the world and show it what we're made of.

Moved In and Loving it!

Hello Blogosphere,

I am now moved into my new apartment with my 3 roommates and cats.  I am so happy about this apartment it is beautiful, the pool is nice, it has a gym, and was super easy to move into.  

My full-time job is going well.  Lifting all those trays and serving, running around and everything has really gotten me into better shape. The people I work with are nice too of course not all the customers are nice but that is to be expected.  Can't please everyone.

I am also applying for this job at a marketing firm.  I had contacted them a few months back and feel like I could be a very good fit.  I prepared my portfolio, got a nice outfit for my first interview and now just need to paint my nails and make sure I look really nice. It is a marketing firm in the beauty and spa industry so looks are very important.

Otherwise everything has been going great, as long as I make rent ;-)

Graduated/Full-Time Job/New Apartment/Some Fun

Since March a lot has happened.  The Senior Art show for Mason was great!  Here is the site and here is a picture of my book.

  I hand bound the book and also the cover was screen-printed.  The show was a bit stressful to put together but when it was all done everything turned out great.
After my show I had finals which went fine.  As an art major the finals are usually not too hard.  Except for the Art history, that is hard, mostly because I have a hard time with history in general. 

But after my finals were done and I passed all my classes I got to decorate my cap and strut around in my cap and gown.  It was a lot of fun to graduate and walk across the stage.  It is amazing how fast those 4 years went by.
It was actually the day before I graduated that I got hired at my new job that I am training for (training ends after today YAY!).  I am now going to be a server for a really great restaurant.  Sure it isn't a design job but it will pay the bills while I create a great portfolio. 

I've also finalized everything for my new apartment and new roommates.  I will have 3 roommates that I am friends with and my cats will be moving with me.

Last update is I went to Starscape again and it was AWESOME!!!!  I got to see so many great artists and I also got to see Flux Pavillion live for his first US show.  It was so much fun.  I also got body painted. Check it out!

Of course you got to love my new shorts that I got at the beach too.