Moving In

It took me about 3 weeks to fully move in, mostly because I repainted my bedroom. Technically I am still trying to organize my clothes out of their packing containers but that will be over with in time. Everyone is moved in, my friends and I found a fourth roommate and my cats are also moved into the basement. So far life is going good. 

We have had some roommate debates about the decor and layout of the living room. Mostly one roommate wants everything her way which I was fine with until she wanted to put the loveseat into the dining room. That is just wrong. Luckily the loveseat didn't fit in the dining room so she moved it back. 

As far as the decorating goes it has all been coming together really nice. Especially since I don't really care how the main floor is decorated I just let everyone else figure that out. But for the basement I have been figuring out how I want to decorate it and my bohemian room is coming together very nicely. With the lovely turquoise wardrobe and cabinet and the tapestries not to mention the tufted violet bed that will be in there. It will look great!

My cats seem to be adjusting really well too. I hope they behave themselves in this new place. 

During our first 3 weeks at this new house we did have a little bit of drama happen. Someone in the neighborhood reported that more than 4 unrelated people lived at our location, which is not true. Luckily our landlords didn't hold it against us and they suspect it was the grumpy old man across the street. We have lovingly dubbed him Grand Torino. The fire department did their inspection and found nothing to be wrong with our living situation and now it is over. Since we cannot 100% verify that it was Grand Torino that made the report we can't confront him and honestly unless he actually confronts us I have no desire to speak to the grumpy man.

This is how I imagine Grand Torino

Finally Living in a House and how I got there

This week is a good week. After months of searching, hunting, attacking and failing. My roommates and I have managed to convince someone to rent to us. The best part is that it was our personalities that won them over! I have definitely learned over the years that when you are young it can be very hard to be able to rent anywhere without a co-signer or to even be considered because well you need a co-signer. Apartments are an easier route when first starting out. That's what I did. For anyone reading this and wanting a place to live just so you can party and avoid the cops well...this isn't the blog post for you sorry. 

If you are young, responsible and just want a decent place to live I totally understand. I've been there. Heck I'm still there in a sense.

Starting out I just needed a place that was cheap and would take me, my roommate and my two cats. (Renting when you have pets can be very difficult) Eventually I ended up living in an apartment complex I consider the Ghetto of the city I live in. It had no dishwasher, the kitchen was small, it was probably built in the 1920s for all I know and I could hear my neighbors from all sides at all times. It was an experience.

After that lovely time I tried to find me and my new roommates a place to live. We really wanted a townhouse. Unfortunately we got desperate and settled on another apartment complex. This one was nicer. It had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. One of the roommates actually lived in the dining room. We actually got that apartment to be pretty homey.

Now I have new roommates, best friends of mine, and we are moving into a townhouse this week. It was hard but we didn't give up. We were lucky and were able to get this townhouse on Craigslist. Now when renting a place from Craigslist there is a big benefit less paperwork. Also you usually deal directly with the owner which is nice. When you go through the rental process with a realtor and a property management company it has a lot more paperwork, rules and stipulations. With the property management company they are usually less likely to rent to anyone that says they are a student, has a co-signer, or has a pet.

This week will be a busy one with moving but I couldn't be more excited!

Try to Get out of a Slump

Work has been going alright. It's been productive. I still feel like I am missing something. I have a job, a wonderful boyfriend and I am independent. What more could I want? Well for one I want to lose all this extra weight I have gained. I want to have a healthy lifestyle again. It would be nice to succeed at this new idea of crafting as a hobby. I've also signed up for soccer in the Fall. So I definitely should get in shape for that. I hope I don't make a fool out of myself with that one. With the extra pounds getting added on from this desk job I've really gotten into a slump self image wise. I need to get motivated, I need to work on myself, and I need to start NOW.