Brand New Year :-)

So these past couple of months have been very busy.  This is my Senior Year in College after all.  This past semester I had taken 17 credits which is a LOT and I past all my classes and only got a C in one of the classes.  It was Art History and I always end up with a C in Art History (darn those dates!).  

Also this past semester at my apartment my roommate and I had been getting all these bites. First we thought fleas...checked the fleas.  Then we thought Gnats (yes they do bite) cleaned the apartment very thoroughly...alas still more bites.  Exterminator came and said it was...bed bugs.  So I had to move my cats to my parents place.  Clear out and wash and dry ALL my clothes, curtains, bed stuff on HIGH heat.  Anything that was too delicate for that I am leaving in the freezing cold air all winter long.  We have been out of our apartment for about 4 weeks.  So today I am going into the apartment to air it out because those chemicals they used smell like cigarettes.  And I need to vacuum everything and scrub all the floors and surfaces.  Also every thing we had that wasn't clothing is bagged and stored in the bathroom and kitchen.

Big time advice:  Bed Bugs are becoming a large problem not just for me but globally if you want to prevent bed bugs use a bug killer called Good Night, it is for bed bugs, use it on your mattress and furniture.  Also Diatomachious Earth is a great prevention on bugs.  Lightly dust it around your baseboards, bed, house perimeter and carpets to keep bed bugs and other bugs from staying in your house or apartment.

On a lighter note I am applying for my BFA this semester (cutting it really close).  I need to get my portfolio together before the semester starts which is in 22 days.  I just have to tell myself I can do this.

Housing plans:  My lease for my apartment is up at the end of May and my current roommate is leaving for MD.  So far I have one roommate that is for the most part sure she is looking into a Masters.  I also have about 3 other prospects for roommates.  I am unsure their plans but I know this year is the year I get a townhouse with roommates.  I can feel it.