End of School Year #3

This year has been a blast filled with new beginnings and new challenges to be met.  So far I have got myself a new boyfriend who I absolutely adore, A and I finally found an apartment yesterday, and we will be moving in at the end of this month.  Right now I am about to pack up my computer and leave my on campus apartment for the last time.  This feels very sad but I am still excited. Hopefully this move will be a wonderful start to the summer as I clear out the old and prepare for the new.  

I found a new Job 3 to be exact.  Jerry's I will stop going to June 15th, The photographers assistant job starts this Friday and my camp counselor job starts at the end of June.

Also this June I am taking a class for two months.

Lastly A and I found our apartment I know I already said that but still it is very important.  Yesterday we just went to this one apartment complex and applied for an apartment.  The lady is even working with me so I can bring my cats with me. She is beyond nice she is like a ray of sunshine.

So look out world here I come.  :-)


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