FALL has Arrived...Again!

A lot has happened to me lately. Aaron moved into his own place and soon Odin will be moving in with him. My job is going well and I now am the Marketing Coordinator for 2 clients. I still handle all of the Receptionist/Assistant duties until I get a 3rd client. Which is fine my clients are nice and pretty easy to manage for now.

I am still designing on the side for PJ Skidoos which is awesome. 

Also I have been dealing with my cat Cedo. He is a sprayer and I have decided to try and end it once and for all. The Xanax that was prescribed to him obviously wasn't working. So I brought him to this local vet and had him tested for a UTI, nothing wrong with him. And since this vet practices both eastern and western medicine he decided to try my cat on some herbal medications to promote calm and lessen his stress levels. I am also going to need to buy another litterbox and I am not happy about it. Also if this medication doesn't work the vet is probably going to try acupuncture. I think that would be interesting and even if the medication does start to work I would still be interested in having him go through acupuncture sessions. 

Halloween is also next Monday and I am just going to wear my steam-punk costume. Maybe my heavy metal costume...not sure which yet.

I will say just starting out in a career the one thing I have noticed to be difficult is wardrobe. There are a lot of great options for easy wash suits and work clothes so I would stay away from dry-clean only. Also Macy's always has great sales you would be surprised how cheap you can get last seasons things on their clearance rack. Other saviors is thrift stores and getting the things from thrift stores tailored or learning to tailor them yourself. And stores like ROSS and TJ Maxx. You really can save a lot. But remember the big department stores have sales so just keep an eye out for the really good sales from places like that because the better clothes from the better stores often last much longer.


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