Finally Living in a House and how I got there

This week is a good week. After months of searching, hunting, attacking and failing. My roommates and I have managed to convince someone to rent to us. The best part is that it was our personalities that won them over! I have definitely learned over the years that when you are young it can be very hard to be able to rent anywhere without a co-signer or to even be considered because well you need a co-signer. Apartments are an easier route when first starting out. That's what I did. For anyone reading this and wanting a place to live just so you can party and avoid the cops well...this isn't the blog post for you sorry. 

If you are young, responsible and just want a decent place to live I totally understand. I've been there. Heck I'm still there in a sense.

Starting out I just needed a place that was cheap and would take me, my roommate and my two cats. (Renting when you have pets can be very difficult) Eventually I ended up living in an apartment complex I consider the Ghetto of the city I live in. It had no dishwasher, the kitchen was small, it was probably built in the 1920s for all I know and I could hear my neighbors from all sides at all times. It was an experience.

After that lovely time I tried to find me and my new roommates a place to live. We really wanted a townhouse. Unfortunately we got desperate and settled on another apartment complex. This one was nicer. It had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. One of the roommates actually lived in the dining room. We actually got that apartment to be pretty homey.

Now I have new roommates, best friends of mine, and we are moving into a townhouse this week. It was hard but we didn't give up. We were lucky and were able to get this townhouse on Craigslist. Now when renting a place from Craigslist there is a big benefit less paperwork. Also you usually deal directly with the owner which is nice. When you go through the rental process with a realtor and a property management company it has a lot more paperwork, rules and stipulations. With the property management company they are usually less likely to rent to anyone that says they are a student, has a co-signer, or has a pet.

This week will be a busy one with moving but I couldn't be more excited!


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