Graduated/Full-Time Job/New Apartment/Some Fun

Since March a lot has happened.  The Senior Art show for Mason was great!  Here is the site and here is a picture of my book.

  I hand bound the book and also the cover was screen-printed.  The show was a bit stressful to put together but when it was all done everything turned out great.
After my show I had finals which went fine.  As an art major the finals are usually not too hard.  Except for the Art history, that is hard, mostly because I have a hard time with history in general. 

But after my finals were done and I passed all my classes I got to decorate my cap and strut around in my cap and gown.  It was a lot of fun to graduate and walk across the stage.  It is amazing how fast those 4 years went by.
It was actually the day before I graduated that I got hired at my new job that I am training for (training ends after today YAY!).  I am now going to be a server for a really great restaurant.  Sure it isn't a design job but it will pay the bills while I create a great portfolio. 

I've also finalized everything for my new apartment and new roommates.  I will have 3 roommates that I am friends with and my cats will be moving with me.

Last update is I went to Starscape again and it was AWESOME!!!!  I got to see so many great artists and I also got to see Flux Pavillion live for his first US show.  It was so much fun.  I also got body painted. Check it out!

Of course you got to love my new shorts that I got at the beach too.


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