Moved In and Loving it!

Hello Blogosphere,

I am now moved into my new apartment with my 3 roommates and cats.  I am so happy about this apartment it is beautiful, the pool is nice, it has a gym, and was super easy to move into.  

My full-time job is going well.  Lifting all those trays and serving, running around and everything has really gotten me into better shape. The people I work with are nice too of course not all the customers are nice but that is to be expected.  Can't please everyone.

I am also applying for this job at a marketing firm.  I had contacted them a few months back and feel like I could be a very good fit.  I prepared my portfolio, got a nice outfit for my first interview and now just need to paint my nails and make sure I look really nice. It is a marketing firm in the beauty and spa industry so looks are very important.

Otherwise everything has been going great, as long as I make rent ;-)


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