Snow and more Snow

This is the second time this week that it has snowed. This is the third time this college year it has snowed and for this weekend we are expecting up to 28 inches in snow. I hate snow and I am going to be stuck in my apartment for pretty much all weekend. Maybe I should have gone home. Oh well too late now. I think we are already up to half a foot and my car is really far away.

As for the job hunt no one has called or emailed me back...because of the snow?...I don't know. House hunting has been put on a little hold since it is more like torture seeing perfect places go by because it isn't the right time for us to get them. I even signed up on this Free Lance graphic design site called iFreeLance. It is really cool but I feel like I am a mino swimming in a pool of sharks eating all the gigs. Hopefully someone hires me for a gig at some point. It would be really nice. I told myself I would not use this site to rant on and look at me that is exactly what I am doing right now. one wants to hear this shit...maybe I should just hibernate for the weekend.


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