10-20 Inches...

Tomorrow, the weatherman predicts, we will be getting between 10-20 inches of MORE SNOW.  This needs to stop it is getting dangerous for everyones health.  Cabin fever makes people do stupid things.  School is also cancelled again.  I want to go back to my classes.  My poor late tuesday class has been cancelled twice now and it only meets once a week.

Today I was denied being a stock logo maker on iStockphoto.com. To the right you can see my 3 logo submissions. It is okay though in either 3 days or 3 weeks I don't remember I can re-submit and basically try again.  I also applied for another job and another internship.  Maybe one of these will bare fruit.  I really hope so.

Found more awesome houses that are in our price range but unfortunately need to be rented out before may/june.  I really hope we are lucky enough to find a great place like that when we are in full scale house search.


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