A lot has happened...

Earlier I had said I had a lump found.  Well I had the biopsy on Friday and it was kind of scary.  I was definitely nervous.  But it all went well and the results will be in Monday(tomorrow).  

The Interview I had at Target Portrait Studio also went very well and they will call me if I get the job.  They had other people to interview that day besides me.  Fingers crossed everybody.

Also I got a Graphic Design Gig.  I applied for a gig I heard about through my school and the lady actually liked my designs the best.  I am so excited about it :-)   

For this semester since I have been pretty bored I signed up for the 4Paws volunteer Cat rescue.  This should be a lot of fun helping poor kitties find new homes.  It will also be good expeirience for when I sign up for the Veterinary Assistant Program.  I am looking into Penn and Foster right now.  I am planning on doing this after I graduate or during my summer.

Lastly, My mother and I mailed my grandma some wildflower seed packets to help her prepare for spring.  She has been snowed in for about 3 weeks now and is going crazy.  Before this snow she was snowed in for 2 weeks.  I think she will be happy to never see snow fall again.  Hopefully the seeds will give her something to look forward to when Spring comes.  Also the townhouse search time is coming up.  I can't wait for it to get here so I can move out on my own with my friends.


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