Shit Happens

I haven't been called back about a job at Sweetwater Tavern but they could still call me one day about a job.  Jerry's Subs and Pizza called and I will start working this Wednesday.  If I make enough money I may keep the job but if now I will just work there until I leave school which is May 15th.  At the least I can make enough to pay my deposit for the townhouse.

Also one of my roommate's parents decided not to support her for school and housing so she isn't moving in with us.  Unfortunately that means that once again my other roommate and I have to find a third person.  We have a really good prospect and I hope she moves in with us.  She is a friend of mine from school and it should turn out well.  I also have to talk to the landlord today about it.  I hope she doesn't mind all this.  It wasn't anyones fault and I am sure she will understand.


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