Apple Interview today/found a house

Alright so I had my interview with Apple today and I think it went pretty well.  They said they will schedule another face to face interview and see how it goes.  

Also there is some really big news...are you ready...MY ROOMMATES AND I FOUND A TOWNHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!   It is owned by an ex boyfriend of mine's parents and they figure it would be better to have someone they know rent the place. So we get it and no pet deposits!  It is very exciting.  Can't wait to see the inside.

Anyway back to the jobs pizza guy still no call me back.  Ummm...found a really cool sounding personal assistant job and I have a month of modeling for the Arts League again.  That is always fun.  I still am waiting to hear back from one of the camp jobs and I really hope I get one that way I can work for the lady who needs an assistant and work at a camp and then NO PIZZA. Meaning less gas money.

Until next time you crazy kids...


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