April 1st update (not a joke)

So this month is starting off with a little less than a bang.  Ok a lot less than a bang but at least there are possibilities.
Job hunt updates:
-Apple called back to schedule an appointment for an interview and hopefully I can get a job there.  It would be fabulous.
-Pizza job is still available if I get one of the Camp jobs.
-So the internship with Wolf Trap said NO to me.  I can still look for a job.

School updates:
-Going to go for the BFA, which means a class during the summer and next summer but I will still walk in May.
-Job instead of internship would probably be better that way they will understand that I need to go to class.
-Good bye business minor...ewww

Housing updates:
-Still hunting and we are sticking with just the 3 of us and the pets.  Screw trying to find a 4th person it is too much hassle.
-Hopefully the Realtor will find us something nice.


Look at the awesome stuff that I am on.  I got to be on a cataloge cover for a photographer.  And it was handed out at a wedding convention Yay!

Photo of me on display.

me on the cover!!!


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