Horrendous Homework


To be frank I have all but ran out of money this month. This is caused by me thinking my wig buying was in budget. Turns out that one of the magazines I had to buy this month for my editorial design class was $25. That is CRAZY! I really hope my teacher does not make me buy magazines like this too often or I am not gonna be a happy camper in that class. The magazine itself is very nice I have to admit. It is one that was probably costly to print which explains the cost to buy. The Cover is a beautiful photograph. The inside pages are full of creative ideas and expensive, antique inspired clothes. I would say it is a magazine that is for women with money to spend and a creative mind to utilize. But that is my homework for tonight to look through the magazine and guess it's demographics. Then I have to go to the magazines website and see if I was right. Maybe ya'll should check out the magazine too it is www.selvedge.org.


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