I really made some headway today. A Realtor actually emailed me back! It was awesome. Apparently this guy has a place available that is a townhouse with 4 bedrooms in it and the lease for the people who currently live there is up in July. He is going to be emailing me in a couple of months on what the current tenants plans are after the lease. I personally hope they are seniors and they will want to move out. But lady luck has not always been on my side. I have also found a house that is for rent and right off my campus. It is a 4 bedroom with one bath. It is a very small place but I think it would do just fine. I inquired about it and am waiting for a response. I also looked at all the apartments around the area and made an appointment to see one. I read all the online reviews for it...not good. But I figured it would be good to look at a crappy one and see how they sell it. With that information I might be able to smell out the bad against the good.

Well wish me luck with the continued search for a place and a job.


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