Update on school, stress relief activity of the semester, house hunt, and job hunt

Well, this semester so far has been really good. Only 14 credits gives me more free time to job hunt and house hunt as well as get myself into shape and maybe a bit of my life together. Hopefully the extra time doesn't just make me more lazy.

Today I got some things to organize my very little living space on campus, which I hope works. Also have been finding a good number of people to help in the house hunt which will go into full throttle in May and June. The job hunt is already in full throttle but I have been less diligent about it. I know that is very bad. Job hunting is so nerve racking. I just need to suck it up and send out those resumes. So many people have given me hints at where to apply and I also need to follow up on the photography place that I applied to.

As for the stress relief activity for the semester I am going to Katsucon. I even made up my own character to go as. No dressing up as someone else's character for me! Mostly I picked to do this to save money. All in all it should be really fun.

Thats all for the update on all categories hope to type back soon!


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