The First Step

I am starting the second half to my junior year at college. Parents telling me I need to find a job in my field or an internship. I just applied to one internship that would be perfect for me and my fingers are crossed that I get it.

What I want from this blog is a place to write about my journey into adulthood. The goals that need to be accomplished before the adulthood status is met are as follows:

Job: A job that pays enough for me to be independent of my parents (unless crisis ensues)

Living Space: Either my own apartment or a place with roommates where I am free from being in my parents nest.

Cats: A place that will let me have my kitty babies live with me. So I am not depending on my parents to care for and house my cats.

All this will take time and I plan on writing about my search for a place to live, a job and my work to graduation.

I am in search of a place to live for me and 3 roommates in the Fairfax, VA area surrounding George Mason University. Anyone have helpful hints?


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