Started new semester today

I started my last semester as a Junior. Oy, the idea of being a Senior next year is crazy. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the carefree life of high school but I know that it is better to move forward. Soon I will even be turning 21 which is just weird. It seems like yesterday I was 7 and looking through the mixed drink menu at Carlos O'Kellys and saying that when I turn 21 I would have a Blue Parrot drink. I still plan on doing that. Not that I actually think it will be awesome but to please my childhood memory. I just finished all my new classes and I don't know how I feel. My business minor seems like it is going to be really hard and my major requires a Writing for Artists class which will force me to look at myself as an artist. I am kind of glad for it. I will be forced to look into myself and find what kind of artist I am. I know I am happy to start classes and I am happy to try and move off campus next year. I just feel lost somewhat.


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